Vale de Coelhos and Bordeira

Vale de Coelhos and Bordeira

place Cultural Center of Barão de São João
16.00 km
Min 3   Max 30
Minimum Age 12
Target Audience: Adults
Difficulty: Moderate

Guide: Cristina Chaveca, Nicola Nascimento

The first part of the walk begins along the Barão São João Forest Perimeter, heading east towards Vale de Coelhos and descending through Vale da Bordeira. During the route you can see contrasting landscapes, namely the forest, the wind farm and the typical landscape of the Algarve mountains.

NOTE: Bring comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, backpack with water and food. The use of walking poles is recommended.

How to get there

By car: Arriving at Lagos city, at the roundabout of the Municipal Stadium, follow towards Bensafrim. At the exit of Portelas, take the EM 531 to the left, in the direction of Barão de São João, passing by the site of Monte Judeu. Continue straight ahead, towards Barão de S. João, and after entering the village of Barão de São João you must follow the signs that indicate the National Forest. The Cultural Center is located just before the forest entrance, on the left side.

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