Installation Art 2022

The artistic community of Barão de São João came together, once again, in the creation of unique pieces that form the Artistic Installation of the "Barão de São João - Walk & Art Fest".

17 pieces, created by 16 local artists, are waiting to be discovered in the village of Barão de São João and in the Forest Perimeter. Venture out on a route of about 3.5 km and discover the art that hides around every corner.


1) Awake!

place Installation Art 2022

My installation is about the illusion behind which we live. If we give ourselves a chance, we can experience the Truth, share Love, create a better world... Awake!

2) The last Trees

place Installation Art 2022

Can You picture a world without trees? Everybody knows that trees are vital for our life and health. They provide diversity, purify the air and groundwater, keep the earth cool by there shade. Trees...

7) The Boat of Life

place Installation Art 2022

Allegory, inspired by mythology, the Barca of life and death.Naja palm flower protection.Thread, sun and catch girls from the local palm tree.Papier mache head.Crossing the Styx and coming back to life....

12) The Forest

place Installation Art 2022

The Forest Tear out my tongue: my hands will remainto praise this insulated Being.It becomes I completely and by it I am taken,and from my forehead your walls will arise, where I see clearly the mountains...

15) Barlavento

place Installation Art 2022

This year I decided to portray "my" Algarve, in a countryside landscape, such as the village of Barão de S. João, where I have lived for several years. A side, fortunately, forgotten and...