Eva Herre

Eva Herre

Eva was born in Augsburg, Germany in 1955. Lives and works in Portugal since 1987.
She works in the pedagogical area, in crafts and arts.
Her artistic development began with a strong passion for colors, which initially led her to the art of dyeing with plants. After some artistic and art therapy courses, in Germany and Portugal, she opened a workshop in Barão de São João in 2012, where she offers a space to people who want to discover and express their creativity.
Her project "brings color to your life" brings together art and art therapy.
Since the year 2000, Eva made several exhibitions with the "art of dyeing with plants".
As an "artist from Barão" she participated for many years in the street exhibitions in the village. She was present twice at Arte Algarve in Lagoa and in recent years participated in Mala - Artists Exhibition of Lagos.



 Rua Capitão Francisco da Silva Rijo, n.º3, Barão de São João



 (+351) 282 687 525